Read testimonials from our clients regarding Collateral Bankruptcy Services.

"For almost a month, my client tried to surrender her car to the bank with no results.  With one call to Collateral Bankruptcy Services, my client was able to immediately schedule a time that worked for her to surrender her car.  On time, convenient with a smile and a receipt, CBS safely and securely took possession of my client's car. A big thanks to CBS!"

– Ross M., Esq., Debtor's Attorney, Tampa, FL

"Collateral Bankruptcy Services solves problems!  For almost a year after my bankruptcy, the bank could not have been more uncooperative.  First, the bank was unreasonable in negotiating a payoff figure on my car.  Then, it refused to come and repossess it after negotiations broke down.  Just when I thought I was out of options, CBS quickly and effortlessly picked up my car, provided me a receipt and erased my headaches.  Thanks, CBS!"

– Lyndsey D., former 2007 Hyundai Sonata Owner

"For over a month, repeated calls to my bank went unreturned.  When they did promise to pick up my car, they would never show.  CBS picked up my car on the first call, providing me with a receipt and peace of mind that my car is being handled properly.  Now I can move on with my fresh start."

– Omar D., former 2015 Chrysler 200 S Owner

"It made my client so much more relaxed to have CBS pick up their cars rather than to sit, wait and wonder.  What an excellent referral source for my clients."

–Curran P., Esq., Debtor's Attorney, Tampa, FL