Collateral Vehicle Pickup

We have the staff and equipment to safely transport a debtor’s vehicle to a secure storage facility.  Our vehicle recovery services are available across the state of Florida.

 We take every precaution to make sure the debtor's automobile, motorcycle, boat, ATV, or other collateral is secured in full compliance with state law.

  • Daft and Serve Trustee a Notice of Abandonment
  • Arrange to pick up the surrendered vehicle
  • Provide Receipt of Possession to the Debtor
  • Store Vehicle in a Secure, Insured Location
  • Notify Lien Holder and Arrange Vehicle Return

What Next?

I have followed my attorney's advice and surrendered the car that I could no longer afford. Now what -- how do I get around?  With late payments and a likely repossession on my records, how am I ever going to get another, more reasonably priced automobile? Traditional banks and credit unions may not lend to me.  If they would, they might require a lot of money down and charge me a high interest rate.  How am I ever going to get ahead?!? Good question.  Perhaps your attorney will counsel you to consider Automotive Fresh Start Center.

Auto Fresh Start Center makes it easy for individuals going through the bankruptcy process to get approved for a car that you will still love, only now at a monthly payment you can afford.  Auto Fresh Start Center will start by gathering data from you and the Court after your Bankruptcy is filed.  Once your application is complete, they will begin the approval process.  Once approved, you will select a clean, fun, affordable vehicle from hundreds of pre-owned and certified pre-owned vehicles from partner dealerships across the state of Florida.  Want to get started?!

Find your new, affordable car for your Fresh Start!