You are hereby requesting that Collateral Bankruptcy Services, LLC (CBS) act as your agent for the purpose of sending a certified letter to your lender notifying them of your intention to surrender the vehicle and to further notify them of the location where the vehicle will be available for pick up. Your lender will be instructed to retrieve your vehicle at the location designated, within 7 business days from the date of said certified letter. During this 7 business days, you agree to make your vehicle available for repossession by your lender. Furthermore, you agree not to take any steps to avoid repossession by your lender at any time. If, after the passage of 7 business days, your lender has failed to retrieve your vehicle as noticed by CBS on your behalf, CBS will schedule a mutually agreeable time to secure your vehicle and safely store it on your behalf for the benefit of the lien holder.

You are hereby acknowledging that in the event your lender fails to timely retrieve your vehicle, per the certified letter sent by CBS on your behalf referenced above, and CBS tows and stores your vehicle as requested, CBS has your permission to assert a lien for towing and storage charges against the property.

You hereby acknowledge that CBS has provided no legal advice at any time. The decision to surrender your vehicle as part of your bankruptcy was made with the advice of counsel whom you have hired prior and independent of any relationship with CBS. CBS’s role is to assist you in the surrender of your vehicle to your lender in a dignified and predictable and timely manner.